Wednesday, 27 April 2011

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Friday, 7 January 2011


Seems appropriate to add a final reflection, even though I have transferred my reflections to a personal journal.
I have been stationed (a Methodist term for placing a Minister in a circuit role initially for 5 years) to the Huddersfield Pennine circuit (subject to all the usual approvals and confirmations etc). It is difficult to comment on somewhere where you have yet to meet the people and worship with them, however, in personal terms this seems a good match. The plan is I will take pastoral responsibility for 3 churches to the south of the town centre.
It means that we will continue to live in Wakefield until Rachael has completed her A levels at New College Pontefract. The churches are only 30 minutes drive away - so it doesn't make sense to live separately (which was one option we were prepared for).
So I have learnt alot - the importance of feedback in encouragement is one for blogging.
But I think it will work better if focused around specific issues. Much of my learning has been difficult to share (hence the return to a written journal).
If you have followed this - thanks for your interest. When I return to blogging it will probably be a different style altogether.
God bless

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

3 out of 4

I have now finished my third year of training. One more to go and then I will be in Circuit. Although it is only a technical finish as I will be working on my dissertation over the summer. It is a good opportunity to use all the time I normally spend at college on the dissertation.
Our final day was really helpful. A quiet day led by Judith Jessop. Two exercises helped me to focus on all the things that God has blessed me with.
As the the reflections opened we were offered the guidance to try and leave all of our concerns on one side for the next few days. I was taken back to my days at Damart as I was picturing all the things I have been thinking and praying about coming off the back of a container as boxes - one-by-one. Emptying the space so that God can take first place. Some work on this picture may prove fruitful.

Sunday, 13 June 2010


I have been blessed by several visits over the past 6 weeks.
John Bell led a session on worship which was entertaining and challenging. Irene really enjoyed that day, and has been using one of the songs in her services.
Adrian Plass made me laugh, and cry and gave some food for thought at Cliff College. The afternoon ascents walk was very good as well.
John Hull delivered a lecture in Wakefield with a focus on re-discovering the real prophetic faith. Illustrated by challenging actions associated with Queens ministerial training
2010 has provided many opportunities to listen to people who have worked at theology from all sorts of angles. I love diversity (and I don't really mean the group) especially when it helps to broaden my understanding of God.


The resubmitted formative assignment has now been passed. The content has been trimmed. The continuing variation in acceptable referencing style is still not resolved. Have spent the last 3 weeks focusing on detailed analysis of J.W. journals - a significant amount of work gleaned useful, but small amounts of evidence. I am continuing to enjoy the reading and still hope to finish for Sept/Oct